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"My emphasis is on combining treatments in the right way to provide you with a unique treatment approach, rather than simply offering you a choice of ‘off the shelf’ solutions."


Cosmetic Dental Synergy

I like  to understand the needs of each individual patient to create a treatment plan tailored to you. In some cases, to achieve the best results, I will refer you to a specialist to complete your treatment. This can include a Bridge, Veneers or Implants and to achieve the beautiful smile you are looking for.

I will work with you, before treatment commences, to develop a treatment strategy in phase with your own expectations and budget.

I will discuss the financial aspect of any treatment before treatment commences. My aim is to make your treatment as stress-free and relaxing as our surroundings, from your first consultation to your last aftercare appointment.



Cosmetic dental synergy

Dental Facelift


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