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Child Case 3 - Prognatic case

Ellie was 5 when she came with her Mum to see me. Elle had a severe Class III case with the entire upper maxillary inside the lower maxillary. A case like this needs to be treated as early as possible to re-balance the Jaw and avoid the dramatic situation as an older patient, completely prognatic with the only option to have maxilla-facial surgery. I conducted this treatment in only six months:

The 3 keys for success are:                                                     

  • Child patient communication: The method to communicate with a child of 5 years old is not the same as a 12 year old or an adult, especially when it involves a difficult treatment.
  • Parental communication: To make sure they understand what it is I’m doing and to get from them their full support to encourage the Child.
  • Efficient treatment: To avoid a lack of co-operation and enthusiasm after a while from the child patient and get the best result as soon as possible.





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