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why choose l'orthodontiste
I also provides new concepts such as the ‘Dental Facelift’ for adults. This uses a combination of orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation to achieve the patients desired results. 

Dr Fern Jean-Joseph

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Why choose L'Orthodontiste

Orthodontics and facial care are my passion, as well as my profession so you can always be assured of receiving the most advance treatments. Supported by a talented team of professionals, I provide a full range of orthodontic and facial treatments.

For your comfort, treatments are minimally invasive and designed with your care and wellbeing in mind. As an orthodontist I prefer to use light forces to gently move your teeth into position and will only extract teeth if absolutely necessary. Everything is focused on simplicity, naturalness and personal care.

Why choose L'Orthodontiste

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